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In additional to being a full bookkeeping & payroll provider, our Management Services is dedicated to creating efficient company practices to ensure that your organization is using its workforce to achieve their goals through the creation of critical company documents and implementing and recommending proper HR processes.

Being on the lookout for talented individuals and keeping pace with projects has become ever more challenging for organizations looking to expand and grow.  Our Management Services has partnered up with talented recruiting teams within the workforce industry to bring the best suited talent for your company.


Initial and Ongoing Recruiting

Benefit Plan Evaluation and Placement

Ongoing Human Resources Management

HR Document Creation

  • Contracts and Agreements

  • Timesheets

  • HR Manual

  • HR Policies

  • Employment Application Forms

  • Employee Letters and Notices

  • Employee Absence Tracking

  • Time Off Request Forms

  • Personnel File Checklist

  • Discipline & Behavior Forms/Letters

  • Deduction Forms

  • Expense/Reimbursement Forms

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